How to make your trip a creative experience?

Some trips are all about seeing the sites, but others are all about the experience. For example, if you’re off to New Delhi in search of some culture, taking a trip on one of their buses, your bus tour is about the experience – not just seeing the sights.

It’s about exploring a new land and immersing yourself in its culture – something you can’t do on a guided walking tour. Creative travel experience is to be immersed in the unique and untouched places plus the people around you.

Creative travel experience is about getting a feeling for the place and about learning about local customs, history and culture. It’s a new discovery if seen by new eyes! Whether you’re more adventure or culture traveler, creative travel can be what you are looking for to have an enriching experience.

What can you do for a creative trip experience?

creative travel

No matter where you go, there will be unique places to see (or fun things to do). Creative travelers look beyond the obvious sights and activities that everyone else goes to do.

Italy, for example, has a free, public wine fountain. Don’t start thinking you’re in the middle of a Fellini film set – it’s just a fountain that regularly pours red wine! It’s in Pavia, and it’s an annual event.

Now, that’s something to get excited about! Of course, if you want to get more adventurous, there are things like traveling on camels in Mongolia or walking on glaciers in Patagonia.

If you’re into art and visual culture, go see a performance of Peking opera or go to an art gallery opening. Follow your instincts and do what interests you – that’s what makes travel exciting.

But creative travel is about pushing the boundaries of your ‘comfort travel zone’, as much as you can. When you travel, instead of seeing the same sites over and over again, try a different route or explore a new kind of destination.

It’s about seeking originality in uniqueness. For example, if you’re in Canada after exploring the Moraine Lake, don’t go to explore Emerald Lake. Rather, visit Stanley Park.

The best part is how much it will improve your experience. Traveling on closed-off schedules really makes you feel the pace of a place, as well as its people. You’ll be far more open to meeting locals and learning from them than from what you might read in guidebooks.

Does working reduce trip creativity and originality?

Many people seem to think that creativity is just for leisure time, but it’s really for life. If you have a job which needs your thinking and your intelligence, traveling should be a great inspiration for growing professionally.

Working while on vacation, though, is just not worth it, and research says it.

Once you’ve gotten away from the everyday routines, you’ll come back home with a refreshed perspective.

If you’re going on a trip for experience, don’t work throughout your visit. You’ll feel the effects of this later on when you come back from your trip. It will keep you from experiencing the creativity of travel in its fullest.

Creative travel is all about experiences and it depends on whether or not you have a job or not. Creativity needs to be experienced, not contained and forced. Research in 2017 suggested that travel could increase a person’s levels of creativity and cause an uptick in their mind’s ability to produce positive thoughts, leading the person to a happier, more inspired version of them.

What can you do to make your trip more creative?

One way to take your trip more creatively is by looking for things that will surprise or even shock you. For example, when you’re in some parts of India, go see a wacky street performer being used as a traffic signal!

If your taste is art, go see an installation art piece on the side of streets – what’s the worst that could happen? If your taste is city exploration, hop around to different neighborhoods without a guide and without knowing what they have to offer. And if your taste is taste, spices are your best friends in travel. They stick forever in your tongue, and they make the trips store forever in your brain.

Everyone enjoys walking through back alleys when they’re not sure exactly where they’re going.

If you are about to get bored with your trip, find it out, and immediately try finding creativity in anything. How to find out if you are about to get bored is easy – just listen to your mind, and wait for its signs.

You’ll hear an inaudible voice saying “Let’s go to the next place”, or “I feel like I’ve seen this before”. In that case, you should leave your boredom behind. When people try cultivating creativity at work, a lot of times they have no clue where to start.

In a sense, it takes you out of your comfort zone, so quitting can feel tough sometimes. Here are some ideas: Take risks – try exploring without a map (this can be hard). Switch things up – do something different from what you’d normally do when working on projects at work; don’t just play solitaire or watch TV.

Be creative with your friends

Creativity can be a great resource and it can build your relationships. One of the most common things people do is travel with their friends or family, but you don’t have to stick with that kind of trip.

You can just as well make new friends during an adventure trip or somewhere on a business trip. In fact, it can be great to bring together people that you don’t normally collaborate with – especially if they’re from different cultures or backgrounds.

Experiencing what’s new together gives you opportunities to explore more about each other than you ever would otherwise would in your everyday lives. Creative travel is about having fun and not worrying about what other people might think of your new-found friends.

Traveling alone? Voice assistant can help you

It’s a well-known fact that voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are great gadgets for travelers. You can ask them things like, “Alexa, what’s the best city to live in in France” and have all kinds of answers.

You can play games with them, and do other creative things like asking them to tell you jokes. If you’re traveling alone or even with your friends, it’s a great way to pass the time!

Traveling with kids is creative too

Many people consider taking kids on vacations a chore, but there are ways not just to have fun but also to make the trip enjoyable for everyone. You can make your trip more fun by breaking down pre-written rules and doing what best works for you. Instead of asking ‘What should we do today?’, ask ‘What doesn’t everybody want to do?’ and it will give your family a whole new perspective on things. Remember, travel is the time and space to experiment.

Do you know the fun fact, though? Creativity is not just for adults; it can be for kids too. There are many ways to keep your child’s creativity alive even if you have to travel a lot. Make sure you do things along the way and your child will remember them forever.

In fact, taking your kids on vacation is a great way to add creativity to your trip, and make the trip last long in their memories.

Bottom Line

Just like creativity, working never stops being a part of life. In fact, it can be rewarding to see how much you can do while on vacation – or even while traveling in general! You’ll find that when you’re done with your trip, there will be no time left to relax.

My secret is that creativity is never at its full potential when I’m in my comfort zone. I’d like to know who else takes their trips creatively.

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