How to have more control over your ‘sleep travel’?

Sleep is a mystery that the words of science cannot comprehend. Regardless of your knowledge, you do not have complete knowledge of, or complete control over sleep travel.

In essence, sleep is not natural – what’s natural are tiredness, anxiety, and stress. Sleep originates from a place of stress and anxiety that can only be broken through distraction or acceptance (though sometimes both are needed). We are never fully aware of how this process works because there can’t be conscious thought while asleep, so it’s tough to see exactly what happens when we go under.

The thing very few people talk about is sleep travel. It is often mixed with other terms such as dream. But sleep travel is a very unique state of consciousness that occurs during deep sleep.

When you sleep, you travel between dimensions, and that’s why it’s difficult to wake up from sleep, because you are trying to wake up in a place that is not the same as reality.

What is ‘sleep travel’?

Sleep travel occurs during the deepest part of sleep, which is sometimes described as a dreamless state. While your physical body is sleeping on a bed which is located in a country of the Planet Earth, your consciousness (or soul) is traveling from one dimension to another, and the dreams you see are only a small part of it.

When sleep travel occurs, one may feel like they’re ‘falling’ into a new reality. They might suddenly remember some true events that didn’t happen or are not experienced by their physical body. What you perceive while in this state is very different from what you may usually be experiencing.

Many people, who believe in some kind of supernatural phenomenon, claim that during the nights when the body is sleeping, there are connections being made with other dimensions and beings. They believe it’s possible to enter another dimension through concentration during sleep. But this enormous concept cannot be explained with a handful of words.

So, in order to easily understand the concept of sleep travel, it is necessary to know that it is a sort of natural function, which enables your soul to travel from one dimension to another.

Usually, sleep travel is referred to as a dream, however, dream is only one part of it. This is the pause between waking and sleeping, when one’s thoughts are clear, yet the body is still asleep. This state allows the mind to explore different dimensions and travel to different worlds.

What happens during sleep travel?

Many people have reported in history that just before falling asleep, they feel that their physical body is sleeping but at the same time, their mind feels very active.

What you experience during your sleep travels is like you can see your physical body sleeping on the bed, but at the same time you are in another world. You can interact with people, animals and objects in this other world and sometimes you even feel like your physical body is there, but it isn’t. As soon as your body falls into deep sleep, it starts communicating with other dimensions.

Some others claim that their consciousness experiences a state of ‘spirituality’. They experience euphoric feelings and communicate with different people, animals, objects and even natural forces.

Even more interestingly, some people occasionally share their experiences of sleep travel saying they can see the physical body sleeping on the bed, but they feel their mind is able to travel with them. During this time, they feel that they are able to interact with their physical body.

In most cases one may say that in their sleep people are traveling to another world, where things aren’t really as you might expect them to be. When we say ‘things’, we include the laws of physics.

So, in essence sleep travel can be defined as a kind of dream in which the person is not dreaming but simultaneously walking (or in whatever way you would describe it), through the different dimensions.

What causes sleep travel?

Psychological experts say psychological factors, such as stress and anxiety, usually has an effect on sleep travel. These can either be an emotional or physical source. According to them, sleep travel is a kind of defense mechanism that your body adopts in order to cope with stress and anxiety.

That said, it’s often the case that when you experience sleep travel, you’re only aware of what’s going on when your consciousness is back in your physical body.

Although research on sleep travel have not yet been able to provide a reliable cause of sleep travel, universities all over the world teach that our dreams are nothing more than random firings of brain cells while we sleep. Despite the fact that this might be true with some people, there are numerous reports of individuals remembering their dreams upon waking up.

This is one of the primary reasons why scientists are researching and studying sleep travel, because there is still no explanation why people can see the world differently while they’re asleep than they do in their waking state.

The concept of sleep travel is still very obscure and complicated, because the deep state of sleep, which is when sleep travel occurs, cannot be explained by words or maybe, not even by our senses.

But the fact is that sleep travel occurs – and it occurs quite mysteriously and differently from the well-established laws of physics. It means that what we now call waking consciousness is only a small part of all that exists.

If so, can we have more control over your sleep travel?

Sleep travel is a natural phenomenon that occurs in almost everyone. However, there are certain factors that can cause sleep to be very deep and long, which is not accompanied by sleep travel on the same level as it is normally expected from normal sleep.

There are certain factors that can affect your sleep and change its quality. Among them are stress, anxiety, poor diet and lack of rest. They all can hinder your ability to fall into the deep state of non-movement.

If you have a well-balanced professional lifestyle, with balance in your life, then it’s very likely that you will have a proper control on your ‘non-physical sleep life’. Sleep quality can be also improved by using relaxation techniques including meditation.

Stress and anxiety disorders can also cause poor or restless sleep. Poor sleep is not just a bad experience: it always leads to many problems both in the body and mind.

On the contrary, happiness and balance in your life contribute to a good night’s sleep. Experts say good night’s sleep is a must for your good health.

Now you have almost caught that complete control over your sleep travel is never possible.

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  • If you work as a night shift worker, try to keep the same sleep schedule during the week. This will help you to fall asleep faster at night.
  • Try to have a healthy diet and avoid stimulants such as coffee or cigarettes before going to bed.
  • Be sure to wash your face, clean your teeth and change into comfortable clothes for sleeping.
  • If you practice meditation or other relaxation techniques for the purpose of improving your sleep, try practicing them before going to sleep at night, since they will do nothing but help you relax and prepare yourself for sleeping.
  • Avoid watching TV, using a computer or playing with the cell phone before going to sleep. They just stress your body and mind.
  • If you are suffering from sleepwalking, try to create a comfortable sleeping condition at night. Have new sheets and pillows and try not to use alcohol or medication that can make you drowsy.

Other than these tips, it’s worth mentioning that no research to-date has suggested a complete way of controlling sleep travel. However, it’s said that a person’s ability to control their dreams can be developed with time and practice.

[Note: Dear reader, it’s very worthy for you to keep in mind that you must get help from experts for any kind of experiments and practices related to your health.]

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