How to create a sustainable lifestyle after traveling?

When you travel, you are able to meet people from all sorts of walks of life. You get to see how the world is truly an ever-inspiring place and probably could not imagine how little you knew it before.

And, who knows, maybe you’ll decide that you have had enough of seeing the world and want to pick up a new hobby in your hometown. But if that’s not what you’re interested in, it can be hard to know where to start after all those experiences.

After seeing, smelling, hearing, feeling and tasting the beauty of the world, it is hard to go back into a box that you had once wanted to escape from. And that’s where the term “travel bug” comes in. Travel bugs are those people whose hobbies and interests were changed due to their travels.

So, let’s see how those who have been bitten by the travel bug maintain a sustainable lifestyle after making the move home.

1) Take up an interesting hobby or new skill

You know sometimes it is hard to change up something and stick with it. A lot of people who travel, stay home a while before they begin a new hobby after their trip. But how do you preserve the skills and training you have accumulated during your travels?

Take up an interesting hobby or new skill and keep practising it until you get really good at it. Once you are really good at it, why not take up a related job?

2) Keep traveling and exploring the world

Just because you have moved back, doesn’t mean that all your interests have changed as well as your fun-loving habits when travelling by yourself or in a group or taking on a new hobby. You’ll still love to travel and see new places as much as before!

It’s not necessary to go travelling all the time, but you can still take a trip once in a while and explore new places that you might have never heard of before. This could be one really interesting “side effect” of travelling.

3) Did the trip put you in debt?

If you are a travel enthusiast, you might have taken debt for your trip. But this doesn’t mean that if you have moved back to your hometown and taken up a new job, you have to give up on fulfilling your dreams of travelling.

Take this time to save up or figure out a way where you can survive while reducing costs (e.g.: moving back in with family). Then begin saving again. Now, I know what you’re thinking. How do I get rid of my debt? Well, the best way is to pay extra on top of your minimum payment each month. This will take longer but it’ll be easier when you finally make the move home.

4) Plan your next trip as a money trip

Make your trip pay for you, not the other way around. You can easily make money with travel blogs, photography, and even social media once you collect enough fan following.

Make a budget for your trip and spend time finding online ways to make extra money and reduce costs. If you are going on a big trip, take care of logistics like accommodation booking in advance, buying travel insurance and looking for the best deals on flights, car rental and hotels.

5) Find something new to do when you go back home

When you have spent a lot of time travelling and planning your next trip, there can be a little bit of a depression when you return home after living there for sometime while you were away.

So, find something new to do when you go back home for refreshment. Here, something new means something that is actually different, which enables you to maintain your personal health-balance. For example, something new does not mean using a new smartphone, but using/doing whatever else, such as a recreation, a sport activity or anything creative of your interest.

6) Use technology

A new emerging trend is keeping yourself out of the physical world for sometimes using technologies like VR. Some people even travel to different worlds in VR.

If you love playing online games and using VR, I can assure you that a lot of people will fall in love with it. Why? Because you can suddenly be in another world for just a few minutes at a time. So, why not keep yourself out of this world for as long as a few hours?

7) Plan to follow up on your new skills

Did you acquire a new skill from your trip? Why not use your new skills to look for a job or at least arrange one so that you can start earning a bit of money while saving enough to travel again?

It’s not very hard to do at all. All it takes is time, some effort and planning ahead. And yeah, you might have to start with some extra part-time job for a bit to save up for your first trip.

8) Join online travel forums

Join online travel forums and find out what other like-minded travellers are up to. You’ll be surprised to see the many different work opportunities there are in the travel industry.

From hotel booking, guide writing, translation and social media marketing, these forums will give you a broad idea of the kinds of jobs available. You can even post your own services or ask for other people’s assistance when you’re confused about a certain part of your trip.

9) Create an on-line course and teach others about what you know

If you are interested in teaching others about the things that you have learned during your travels, why not create an on-line course? From tai chi to photography, to music, art, dance and all sorts of topics like that, there are people who want to learn something from other people who can teach them better than courses at school or college – especially if it’s free!

You can even create an ebook or teach lessons online with a social media account or a blog. Just make sure that you sell your skills and knowledge in some way.

10) Stress, Travel and Personal life should be kept different

The biggest challenge for a traveler is to have 3 separate rooms for stress, travel life, and personal life in their brains. Stress does exist, no matter how rich and happy you are. Traveling makes you happy and positive but life after traveling can be tough.

You have to keep your personal life and stress from interfering with your travel life and vice versa. I’ll tell you the truth, it’s not that easy to do.

If you want a successful life as a traveler, use your stress and negative energy to educate yourself more, work hard and rest well. Don’t waste time on negative things if they are not really necessary for the things that matter most to you.

Try something new while having fun! Have fun! Have fun! And finally, have fun! (Oh yeah!)

I love travelling and anything that is related in any way to my personal hobbies or interests in music, art and books. As an experienced traveler traveling for 8 years, I am not able to give separate rooms for stress, personal life and travel life. Each time I come back from a trip, I do what I mentioned above, and being able to do so has been the biggest achievement of my travel career.

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