8 Hiking Trips to Do in North of Lebanon

In North Lebanon, hiking is available in plenty. There are 8 hiking trails in the region that you can get to through various routes and depending on the time of the year.

The following article will highlight some of those hikes you can do in North Lebanon and what makes them unique.

Now, let’s get informed about 8 hiking trips to do in north of Lebanon:


If you love history, off the beaten path places, nature, tranquility and peace, you will find it all concentrated in Qadisha Valley. This is a fairly flat trail which is perfect for people who have no experience hiking but want to try it for a day or two without getting too out of their comfort zone.

It is also a nice place for families with children or non-hiking beginners to practice their skills before heading into more challenging hikes.


Found at the peak of Jabal al Makmel, a mountain range in the Bsharri District, North Lebanon, Qurnat as Sawdā is the highest point in Lebanon and the Levant, at 3,088 meters above sea level.

The hike at Qurnat al sawda’ is relatively short compared to others and does not take more than 2 hours from end to end depending on your pace. The trail offers a nice view of the valley below which you can use as an opportunity for photography, especially with the red cliffs in the background.


This magnificent location, surrounded by rugged rocky slopes, is only 25 kilometers from the Cedars and is situated on the eastern side of Qornet es-Sawda. It is full of mysteries and hidden wonders. Ponds that collect the water from springs that emerge from the foot of the steep hill and are fueled by snowfall that flows down from the peaks of Jabal al-Mekmel and Qornet es-Sawda are there.

Moreover, fresh fish (mostly trout) and mezze are available at the many tent restaurants in the spring and summer. It really is simple to go to Oyoun Orghosh from Bcharre and The Cedars.


Located in the Bsharri District of the North Governorate in Lebanon, Bsharri-Gharbiyyeh National Park is home to about 120 species of flora and fauna as well as a variety of plant and animal life.

The hiking trails in this park are among the most popular in Lebanon especially during the summer months. The hiking trails take you through alpine grasslands, to rocky forests, and even up over waterfalls on others.


North Lebanon’s Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve is home to a diverse cedar forest, making it a valuable piece of the nation’s natural and cultural history. It is also home to several rare and endemic plants and is located on the precipitous northwest slopes of Mount Lebanon.


Oyoun El Samak in Dinniyeh is a beautiful mountainous place with a very panoramic and picturesque horizon, stunning nature, and the home to outstanding and picturesque lakes and a breath-taking waterfall. You can travel there at any time of the year.


Msayelha is a fortification situated north of the village of Hamat in Lebanon. Constructed by Emir Fakhreddine II in the 17th century to guard the route from Tripoli to Beirut, the fort is built on a long, narrow limestone rock near the Nahr el-Jawz River. Hiking trails are often available at the fort. Also, the most famous hiking trail is known as the “waterfall” trail, which takes you to a remote and hidden waterfall.


Hadath el Jebbeh is a town located in Bsharri District in the North Governorate of Lebanon. It was originally settled in 400 A.D., and is situated on a hill at an altitude of 1500 meters, overlooking the Kadisha valley. The most interesting fact about Hadath el Jebbeh is that it is also a major ski resort in Lebanon!

Guys, I’m sure you will not only enjoy hiking trips in the north of Lebanon, you’ll also absorb long-lasting memories of the diversified beauty of the places.

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