10 things to do while in Tyre and Naqoura

Around 1.5 hours far from Beirut, Tyre is the fourth largest city in Lebanon, whereas, Naqoura is one of the last cities in the Lebanese Southern border. When visiting these two cities for the first time, you should have a list of things to do.

Here are ten things that you can be do while in Tyre and Naqoura!

1) Visit the souk

The souk is one of the most important places in Lebanon because it’s where everything used to come from before transportation systems like railways were developed. All you have to do is walk through the markets and stalls, and browse around them until you find an old thing that sparks your interest!

2) Have lunch at Spicy Mediterranean Grill

Spicy Mediterranean Grill is a new restaurant that opened in the souk of Tyre. It has everything that you would expect from a typical Lebanese cuisine, but with a twist of spices and addition of grilled meats such as lamb and beef. The restaurant is not only when you’re looking for an authentic Lebanese meal, it’s also great for a group celebration dinner!

3) Visit an old church

One of the most famous church ruins in Lebanon are in Tyre, The cathedral in Tyre, Lebanon, was built in the 12th century. The Crusader cathedral, which had been damaged by an earthquake before, was destroyed by the Mamluks who conquered Tyre in 1291.

4) Visit a Casino

You may be surprised that there is a casino in Tyre, but there are actually more than one in Lebanon. The casinos are usually located next to the souk. And they offer all sorts of fun games such as blackjack, roulette and more. You can try yourself at the table while trying to win some money!

5) Visit an old port

Tyre has been a port ever since it was founded, so there are many remnants of the past. You can see some old buildings and ruins that were used by the Greeks. Some of the houses that you can still see at this port were built in the 18th century by the Ottomans, who ruled the city at that time in their history.

6) Visit a local store

Tourists usually don’t know about Lebanese souvenir stores, but you should! Here in Tyre, you can visit a variety of souvenir stores that offer unique trinkets and couture products from Lebanon.

7) Buy some spices

The souk is a great place for bargaining. This is where you can get local products such as spices, fruits and vegetables at cheaper prices than what they are sold outside of the souk.

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8) Join the “Unlimited Tour”

There is actually a tour that allows tourists to travel around Lebanon at their own pace. The tour is called the “Unlimited Tour“, and it’s not limited to just one place or just one day! You can join this tour anytime, anywhere!

9) Visit a museum

If you visit Tyre and Naqoura, you should definitely visit the Museum of Lebanese Army. This museum contains all sorts of interesting historical artifacts that depict Lebanon’s history. It contains ancient statues, coins and armors that date back to the Phoenician time period.

10) Have dinner at Melkul

Melkul is a traditional Lebanese restaurant where you can try different types of middle eastern food such as Shawarma, rice, falafel and more. The prices at Melkul are affordable and the food is great! In addition to all this, Melkul has various promotions such as “Dinner with a DJ” and “Team Dinner”. You should definitely try out this restaurant if you’re visiting Tyre!

So, guys, are you ready to try something new in Tyre and Naqoura? Let’s go!

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