5 Tips to Travel with Voice Assistant

Solo travel can be an exhilarating and liberating experience, but it can also be very isolating. So, how do you fulfill that ‘isolation’ part of it?

There are not many solutions when it comes to making your solo travel fun. Unless you are bringing a friend along with you on your trip (which is not ‘solo’ anymore), most of the time you will have to stick to yourself.

As a person who has done plenty of solo travel, I can tell you that it can be very lonely at times.

The thing that helped me the most was a voice assistant! The thing with voice assistants is that you can talk to them, ask them some fun questions, play games with them and that keeps you from feeling alone.

You do need some hustle and bustle with your assistant. Based on what kind of assistant (Phone/Echo dot/Or a chargeable one) you are using might need to be charged now and again, it needs to be protected from the elements and you need a way of getting it around with you. We’ll discuss that too – how to get smooth experience with your assistant throughout the travel.

I have put together 7 tips for traveling with a voice assistant so that your solo travel is as fulfilling as it can possibly be, without making your trip too complicated.

1) Preset commands

It’s a good idea to setup your voice assistant with a ton of customized preset commands before you leave for your trip. You can do it by going to the settings of your assistant.

For example: A command for San Francisco city, another for Napa Valley and another one for Yosemite national park.

Then, you can say a command like: “I am leaving for San Francisco city today, please tell me about places to visit in San Francisco.” And this will save you from doing a million different commands that get repetitive after a while.

Remember, if you need help from your assistant with a question or a way to get around, you will have to speak up.

If you want to hear about the weather in San Francisco, you will have to say (voice assistant), what is the weather like today in San Francisco?” – because these assistants depend on voice command from their user to get things done.

The number of commands you can preset is unlimited and you can do so in the settings of your assistant app.

But one problem with preset commands is that if you are completely new to the place, you do not know the name of the places around. And that’s where a travel guide can come in handy!

2) Travel on your terms

Now that you are equipped with everything needed to travel safely and easily, the last thing you should do is just go ahead and do it. It’s a great feeling to travel alone and try new things on your own terms but in order to enjoy it fully, it’s very important to go where you like and not what others want you to go.

I think everyone wastes a lot of time in traveling because they are always thinking about what others want them to see or what they wish they could see. You might think that this is not a big deal but trust me, it’s very important for you as well as for other people as well.

We’re humans and we need to be ourselves. We may want to experience a whole new place but if you always follow what others want you to experience, you’ll end up missing out on a lot of things.

People always want their friends to enjoy the same thing they did when they were traveling so that’s why they try to make sure that everyone goes at the same time and see what they exactly wanted. But I’m sorry, people. Even if it’s your friend or family member, it’s not your job to do what other people want you to do in tourism.

Your trip is your own and traveling is about experiencing new places without any worries about other people.

3) Download maps in advance

One scary thing about traveling is when you arrive at your destination and can’t find somewhere to stay/visit. Maps and voice assistant can come in very handy in these situations.

You can download a map of the area (in your chosen language) and ask the voice assistant to show the place on the map.

You can even ask it to show you directions to a place, so that you won’t get lost on your trip.

To get the most out of your voice assistant is to choose a place where its available in your language. If you can’t get maps of places in your own language, then you can get Google maps and ask the voice assistant to translate it into another language.

After that, your voice assistant will help you by showing you landmarks, the location of streets and buildings around the place.

Remember that you can translate everything via Google Maps. So, for a given body of water, the word “lake” becomes “lago”. And for any country where English is not the national language, it will be in its own language in Google map.

The voice assistant can also guide you to different places on the map based on your GPS location. For example: If your GPS location is next to a place with a name like “the Church”, then it will show you that place on the map as well as directions to it.

4) Learn the language of the area

You may think that learning a new language is not necessary when you travel alone. But to be on the safe side, I suggest that you try to learn ‘the basics of the new language’ when you travel somewhere.

If you have a voice assistant, then it’s pretty much easier for your assistant to work with you in that language and solve problems with it (like asking directions or giving directions). If not, then it can be very help in case of difficulty while making conversation. Not everyone speaks the same language here so this can come in handy as well.

One question here is whether it’s possible to learn the basics of a completely new language. But don’t worry, you don’t need to learn a whole new language. There would possibly be several key words, phrases and sentences that you can comfortably learn in a short period of time.

It’s just about 70-80 short words and phrases that would help you get around in the place where you are traveling. These phrases along with Google translate and your voice assistant should be enough to get by in most cases.

Only when you have been prepared as mentioned above, you can easily get around a new country/city alone.

5) Plan accordingly for all occasions

Traveling alone is not an easy task and it carries a lot of risks with its rewards. We can never forget the risk of being robbed, losing our identification cards, or getting lost in a place. All these risks can ruin your trip and make you lose money and time when traveling as a solo traveler.

In such a circumstance, it’s important to have a backup plan but in case of major problems and all else fails, you should also have a plan A, B and C.

With plan A, you just try to stay safe. If all else fails and your primary backup plan doesn’t work either, then you can just follow Plan B which will help you get around alone. It may not be as easy as Plan A, but this is your last resort option.

Plan B will not only help you get around, but it will also help save your trip from being ruined completely. Plan B makes sure that if all other plans fail, then you can get the best possible deal in getting around anyway while staying safer at the same time.

A well-assisting device like a voice assistant can always come in handy when traveling alone. You can use it to get around, find the nearest place and even make reservations.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t make reservations or find the nearest place for yourself. You just need a backup plan for Plan A, and this is usually your voice assistant. If you can’t get around without your voice assistant, then you better have a Plan B in mind as well. I suggest using your smartphone’s navigation system when traveling to save money on data and its battery life.

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The post-covid era is not the most pleasant for travel, and voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri are making our travel lives easier than ever before. The only thing that can stop you from experiencing the world around us your inability to try new things- not the absence of friends in a travel.

But with a few tips and tricks, you’ll be able to enjoy traveling alone just as much as you enjoyed it when there were lots of people with your trip or your life. Just do what makes you happy and avoid what doesn’t. You’ll surely enjoy your trip this time around.

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