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  • 10 life lessons I learned from volunteering

    Everyone should have this commendable opportunity to volunteer, because it provides people not only great joy by making their community a better place, but also a platform to learn life lessons., which otherwise are nearly unachievable.

  • Although Bar Tartine is known for his delicious pastries, no wonder it was able to offer a brilliant Pain Perdu.

  • 6 Must-try Pain Perdu in Lebanon

    Pain Perdu is typical Lebanese dish enjoyed mostly for breakfast or brunch. It’s also very easy and quick to cook up in just a few minutes.

  • In Beirut, there are many theaters, and in the fall, winter, and spring, they all present a diverse range of theater plays that you can enjoy during this season.

  • When you’re in a particular state of mind, you don’t know if it’s right to stay in a relationship or leave. People who have a lot of experience with relationships – both staying curling and leaving – can offer you some advice from their own perspectives. But, when you’re feeling really bad because you are […]