Author: Belen Saldaña

  • International Tourism Nearing Back to 60% of Pre-Pandemic Levels in January

    With arrivals reaching 57% of pre-pandemic levels in the first seven months of 2022, international tourism continued to show promising signs of recovery, nearing back to the pre-pandemic levels in December, 2019.

  • How to get richer on holiday?

    How to get richer on holiday?

    Not all holidays are made for fun. For some, a holiday may mean getting out of the office, enjoying a well-deserved break from work, and restoring a sense of balance. For others, it could be more of an opportunity to relax and spend time with their families instead. And for a few, holidays are made […]

  • Best travel tips for each type of traveler

    You might have seen a ton of blog post titled “5 tips for a trip to Paris”, “29 things to do in Greece”, and more. But very few of them, if any, is willing to select a good travel destination for each type of traveler. Being a travel blogger, I had encountered quite a number […]

  • VR Travel: Trip to ‘a’ world

    VR Travel: Trip to ‘a’ world

    Virtual Reality Travel is possible, but the problem is that Virtual Reality “has not been invented yet”. Well, if you use the present-day rectangular boxes to represent the word ‘VR’, you’re thinking it the wrong way. The present of VR is nothing more than 60s when it came to computers. We’ve came a long way […]

  • How to adapt yourself for immediate travel?

    In order to get prepared for immediate travel, we need to learn how to adapt to the changes offered by trips.

  • When is it better to travel alone?

    When is it better to travel alone?

    In general, travelling solo is cheaper if you don’t mind keeping pace with yourself and not having anyone to help share expenses.

  • How to make your travel hobby pay for your next trip?

    Make sure that you are doing this more for the satisfaction of traveling than to earn money. If you choose your travel hobby wisely, then it can be a very profitable source of income in the future.

  • How to create a sustainable lifestyle after traveling?

    Make your trip pay for you, not the other way around. You can easily make money with travel blogs, photography, and even social media once you collect enough fan following.

  • Plan for an upcoming trip during the current one

    Planning for the next trip without finishing the current one is a good idea only if done in right way.

  • How to make your trip a creative experience?

    Creative travel is about having fun and not worrying about what other people might think of your new-found friends.