Full of life, I dream of visiting every corner in the world and doing a difference wherever I am. I believe that I can make an impact in my attitude towards life.

Lebanese and proud, I want to see Lebanon growing to be a country cured from the past wars.

I am a computer engineer very passionate in my work. I believe that programming demands lots of patience and logic. No matter how many solutions we can apply, it is objective based on facts unlike the human relations.

I love to do Yoga and Pilates. I love to dance even if by only jumping but I am also a fan of Salsa, Tango & Waltz. In another life, I would have been a ballerina!

I enjoy cooking but I am rarely at home… I am cooking once per week and I love it.

I am a big fan of Theater. I watch lots of plays especially local ones. Plus I go to many concerts.

I am addicted to photos. Everything in my life is kept in a photograph.

I am a huge fan of tourism & travelling. Plus, I always encourage my surrounding to do tourism in their own country. I would love to share with you my local and international trips!

Normal is Boring! Enjoy curling with me my infinite curl