Another 6 must-try Pain Perdus in Lebanon

Few months back, I wrote about 6 must-try Pain Perdus in Lebanon and got lots of positive feedback and many suggestions for other places that can figure out on the same list.

Lebanese people definitely rock in all types of food and we definitely have the best Pain Perdus in the world!

Here are another 6 must-try Pain Perdus in Lebanon.

1- Lola

It is located in Naas next to Bekfaya. Beside their excellent dishes, they have one of the best pain perdus. It is worth the distance.


2- Divvy

I always used to order Nutella Lava and thought that the Pain Perdu would be a normal dessert at Divvy since it is not a french restaurant. Well I was mistaken!


3- Bar Tartine

It wasn’t in the menu from the beginning. Bar Tartine is known for his delicious pastries. No wonder he was able to offer a brilliant Pain Perdu.


4- Angelina

He is one the survivors in Down Town Beirut. It was recommended by a dear friend. It is a french restaurant with an amazing service. You will feel yourself in Paris. It has a delicious Pain Perdu. i recommend that you request some extra caramel on the side.


5 – Prune

I had the chance to try it recently although I have been to Prune several times before. Full of Caramel, it is one of the biggest Pain Perdus that I have ever tried and definitely one of the most special.


6 – Fleur Thé

One of the cutest hidden gems in Kaslik, the owners of Fleur Thé are very welcoming and have a very yummy Pain Perdu.



I am sure that some of you are asking where is Couqley’s Pain Perdu! You can check the previous article for more information about my first selection!

So what’s your favorite Pain Perdu?

That’s all for now! Keep Curling!





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