11 theater plays to enjoy during this season

We always try to skip the routine in our life. What about watching theater? It can be a good escape and a cultural enrichment.

Lebanese theater passed through some crisis due to several factors. But we still have amazing talented people working hard that deserve encouragement.

We have plenty of theaters in Beirut that all offer many plays during fall, winter and spring: Monnot Theater that got renovated recently, Al Madina Theater with its long history of amazing plays, Metro El Madina with its beautiful musical shows and talents and many others.

Each one has many options to give you ideas to watch new plays and ideologies and change your routine.

Here are 11 theater plays to enjoy during this winter:

1- Chokhta Chokhten – Iesav Theater
This play “Ce soir j’ovule”, written by Carlotta Clerici, tells the story of Mada, a free and independent woman in her mid 30s. Married to the man of her dreams, she decides to have her first child. This decision takes Mada on a journey. She suffers from frustration, guilt facing her inability to become pregnant, invasive treatments she undergoes, and the distance that arose between her and her husband.

Patricia Nammour plays the role of Mada. I had the chance to be part of l’atelier du Je, to meet Patricia closely, to observe her talent and professionalism and to appreciate every single detail in Theater.

2- Victoria – Metro El Madina

Victoria is the first transgender that lived in Lebanon in the 1970s. Her mom raised her as a girl because she feared her husband. Victoria had to face life and society. She went to Prison in 1974. She met the writer who decided to honor her story and her struggles.

Nada Bou Farhat plays the main role of Victoria along with very talented actors and a beautiful script done by Gerard Avedissian.


3- Al Beyt – Monnot Theater
Al Beyt (The House) is a realistic play about a brother and his two sisters in their thirties who have just lost their mother and who deal differently with the issue of maintaining ties with the past, the family’s charged history of memory and loss, and the eternal feeling of guilt that some feel in regard to their desire of freedom and individuality.

4- Abou el Ghadab – Gemmayzeh Theater

Joe Kodeih comes back after a long wait with this one man show: Abou el Ghadab – a reflection of Lebanon’s last 43 years and everything we loved about them.


5- Freezer – Sunflower Theater

Story of a married couple whose two children are abroad. To fill the void, the woman keeps on cooking and filling the FREEZER, in order to send the kids small dishes. Unfortunately, the FREEZER breaks down. And with it, many things as well.


6- Hakeh Rjel – Al Madina Theater

After 10 years of Hakeh neswen (The Vagina Monologues), Lina Khoury is back to explore men’s world and to reveal their secrets, desires, thoughts, pain and concerns.

Hakeh Neswen was a success back then. Looking forward to watch this one.


7- Torra Na2cheh – Sunflower Theater

Boy or Girl ..Girl or Boy .. It’ s the Head Or Tails game .. A social comedy that reflects the human kind’s story since the first Man and Woman …especially in our society.

When the play is done by Camille Salameh, make sure not to miss it…


8- Mjadra Hamra – Teatro Verdun

This play is about 3 women from Nabatieh,South Lebanon: Mariam, Souad & Fotom. They live in Beirut Suburbs and they tell their stories about marriage, divorce, kids, food & alienation…


9- Bayt Byoot – Al Madina Theater

Bayt Byoot is a theater production, written and directed by Mohammad Itani that addresses the stigma of mental illness and the reality of mentally ill patients in our society, as well as, addresses other social issues; such as child abuse, child marriage, suicide, and bullying.


10- Ella Eza – Chateau Trianon

It is a black comedy by the famous Georges Khabbaz. It tells the story of people from different regions and religions living in a building that is about to collapse.


11- Afyoun

A strange relationship between Maya (a non traditional writer) and Farah (a married woman) that leads us to answer questions like: What is love? What are the taboos of sexual relationships? When does orgasm disappear in marraige? Why do we stay in relationships? What is desire? Is giving birth a crime?


Pay attention to the dates of each play as some of them are presented for a short period of time. You can check https://www.antoineticketing.com/ to get most of your tickets!

That’s all folks! Hope you will enjoy watching these plays! Keep Curling!

Cheers to Happy and Healthy Days!

P.S.: Featured Image by Nicolas Tawk – L’atelier du Je (5th Generation)


    • Hello Lina, Thank you for your comment! 🙂 I was part of l’atelier du je 5th generation. I am watching the play on Thursday and I am sure that it is going to be amazing! I am glad as well that there are lots of plays and I wanted to encourage people to watch more theater as we have lots of talented people that needs encouragement!

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