5 places to chill during winter in Beirut

Lately, going out just to eat and drink has become a bit boring. I always try to find new places and search for small activities that can be fun and chill.

Here are 5 of my favorite places that offer fun activities to be done during the winter:

 1- Prana Chilling Space

It is one of my favorite chilling places. It is located in Jal El Dib where you don’t actually expect to have crowded places at night. People are super cool at Prana. You can visit it to play board games especially Catan (their baby). You can as well color mandalas or just have a chill talk with your friends while enjoying some homemade sandwiches or crepes and a very large selection of amazing tea or some milk and cornflakes just like home!

2- L’appartement

The concept of this place is very charming. It is a hidden gem in Achrafieh. It is actually an apartment that was transformed by the owners to welcome people. It has a large variety of board games suitable for all group sizes. Plus they have a large list of books. Every Tuesday night, they have a live performance done by a beautiful voice, Serge Jamo.

3- Joon on the Moon

It is located in Gemmayzeh. It is one of the oldest chilling places I know. They offer themed nights like quiz games, coloring for adults, board games as well as do-it-yourself workshops (Dream Catcher, Snowmen, Crochets, etc…). They support lots of Lebanese designers. So you can buy some fashionable stuff while visiting.

4- Dar Bistro &  Books

Another quiet place in Hamra, when you reach there, you forget that you are in Beirut. It is surrounded by little nature. It is by far one of the places that encourages reading books. They have themed nights as well. One of my favorites is the one of storytelling.

5- Cantina Sociale

It is a cute place in Achrafieh that is mainly known for wine lovers. They have a concept of wine tasting where you recharge a loyalty card and you can try several wines using machines. At the same time, they have themed nights either related to wine or other like Movie Club & Live Band Nights. You can as well play board games there.


That’s all folks! Let me know what other places you are chilling in these days!

Cheers to Happy & Healthy Days! Keep Curling!


P.S.: The feature image is taken from Prana Chilling Space Instagram Page.





  1. I lived 11 years in Beirut and I never heard of any of these nice places. Too bad I am not around. I remember I used to struggle to find these places. Your curl is definitely helpful. I foresee more startups of microbreweries, and restaurants where you can play board games, trivia, discuss a book or a movie, and bars with their local musical band.

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