10 things to do while in Tyre and Naqoura

I am the kind of person who believes that Life is not meant to be lived in one place. Therefore, it is nice to discover as many places as possible. Usually, we think that we always have to travel to do this and we forget that we don’t know a lot about our own country.

What about starting to plan weekends in different regions and just play the Tourist in your own country?

Tyre is around 1.5 hours far from Beirut. It is the fourth largest city in Lebanon and is Phoenician with lots of Roman History. Naqoura is one of the last cities in the Lebanese Southern border. It is the headquarter of the United Nations Interim Force (UNIFIL) in Lebanon.

Here are 10 things to do while in Tyre & Naqoura:

1- Spend a day at the beach: Both Tyre and Naqoura have beautiful beaches. The one in Tyre is called the Tyre Coast Nature Reserve protected by UNESCO. It is sandy. You can go there for free and find many kiosks that serve sea food. I like to go to Cloud 59. I recommend to reserve your table for lunch ahead of time.

Tyre is known as well for diving. Lebanon Diving Center offer diving sessions. Apparently, it is absolutely amazing to see Roman Ruins under water. I got excited to add it to my to-do list based on the recommendation of one of my readers living in Tyre. (Thanks Azra!) 🙂

The beach in Naqoura is rocky. I chose with my friends some random spot that we found quiet and clean. But you can always go to resorts like Tyros Resort & Turquoise Beach Resort which are well known.

2- Watch one of the most Beautiful Sunsets

3- Do some Historical Tourism: Visit the Al Bass Archaeological site and the Hippodrome as well as Al Mina Archeological Site. I always recommend to have a guide to appreciate these monuments. Check their opening hours in winter and summer.

Photos Credit: Antoine CHEMALI

4- Eat at Le Phenicien and Take a look at the beautiful house next to it

This is a well known restaurant next to the port where you can enjoy some sea food and a very good Lebanese dessert. Next to it, you can take some pics of a beautiful house. Do not miss the bird house as well.

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5- Visit the old Tyre port and enjoy a short boat tour in the sea

It is not a fancy port at all. Tyre is known for its fishermen. Some offer their small boats to have a tour in the sea for very cheap prices. I enjoyed it a lot while listening to some Fairouz songs.

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6- Walk in the old city and discover the beauty of the Christian Quarter

Tyre is known for its old city with its colorful small streets that a car can barely pass. There are lots of churches and mosques in this area.

Photo Credit: Antoine CHEMALI

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7- Have a drink at night

There are few choices of pubs: Tavolino pub, Vibes, Al Fanar. We chose Al Fanar which was the most crowded with a nice music.

8- Sleep in a beautiful Hotel and enjoy a good breakfast

  • Tyre Boutique Apartments: It is a recent renovated building where you can rent apartments. I found it by chance on Airbnb but you can contact them by phone. It is the best choice I would recommend. It is inside the Catholic quarter. The stuff is super friendly especially Amanda who is the owner’s relative. You should definitely consider it for your next weekend in Sour

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  • Al Fanar: One of the oldest hotelsalfanar.jpg
  • Rest house: Directly next to the beach Estira7a
  • Dar Alma: One of the most famous and fancy hotels in the Catholic quarter in Tyre
    Photo Credit: Joe SOKHN
    Photo Credit: Joe SOKHN

    Photo Credit: Joe SOKHN
  • Al Yasmine Guesthouse: It is 20 min far from the city in a very quiet area. I would recommend it as a lazy getaway because it is worth to stay and enjoy the pool, the nature, the ducks, the deers and can be a beautiful choice for families.
  • Asamina Boutique Hotel: It is located in the Catholic quarter in Tyre and recommended by some people around.

9- Discover the rocks of the Bayada: It is not that simple to arrive there. You park next to Tyros Resort and walk along the coast. Be careful because the road is not easy while walking.

Photo Credit: Jeanne Marie Elias

10- Eat at Amwaj el Bayada

One of the best views in Lebanon. You can enjoy a good Lebanese meal while watching from above the amazing big blue sea.


That’s all folks! Hope you will enjoy your getaway to Tyre and Naqoura! Happy Curling!

Thank you Antoine CHEMALI, Jeanne Marie Elias & Joe SOKHN for your beautiful photo contribution. You can follow them of course on Instagram.

The Amazing Feature Image is by Joe SOKHN.


  1. Thanks for the great article. I am considering an opportunity there, but do you know whether UNFIL civilian employees are living outside of UNFIL camp and commute from Tyre? Also, have you seen any case that they bring their family there? In short, are both tyre and naqoura relatively safe these days?


    • Hello!! thank you for your comment! I think they are not living in a camp only. They can live in Tyre too! I don’t know any unifil personally but i have seen a lot! Anyway i think you should be able to get ur family. I am not sure if there are international schools not far if you have kids! in beirut you have everything! For me lebanon is safe now and u will love it if u like to discover other cultures! Best of luck!


      • Hi my dear!!! I read your article and it is very interesting… what I do not understand ans sorry if I ask is if I need some special permits to get to Naqoura Beach…. can you help me?


  2. Thanks for the great article. I am considering an opportunity there, but do you know whether UNFIL civilian employees are living outside of UNFIL camp and commute from Tyre? Also, have you seen any case that they bring their family there? In short are tyre and naqoura relatively safe these day?


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