15 mobile applications that impacted my life…

I don’t think I can be away from my mobile phone for a very long period. Should I be worried? Maybe… However, I do believe that each thing has its advantages and disadvantages if we don’t push it to the extreme… It is not about being addicted and ignore all our surroundings while using our phone. This is wrong and we live it everyday. But we have to admit that technology made a huge evolution and it made our life more practical.

Today, I am not here to list Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat or any other social media applications that invaded our life. But I rather wanted to share the list of the applications that had an added value in my life.

Let’s start!

  1. Google Maps: This is the application I use the most in my road trips and travels. I loved it mostly when the traffic got activated for our region. I can estimate how much I need time to arrive to the destination with the correct address.
  2. Google Photos & Google Drive: I use those two applications a lot especially to share photos and documents with friends. I love the feature that can help you check all the photos per people. It can do some collages and videos as well. I use them to back up part of my documents on the cloud which can help me access them wherever I am without having to carry on my external hard disk everywhere.
  3. Uber: This is one of my favorites. Whenever we don’t feel like driving, we order an Uber Taxi. It is on time, accurate and fairly cheap inside the city. Plus you can pay by card or cash. I don’t recommend it outside the city as it can have high rates. I use it locally and during my travels.
  4. Zomato: This is the application I use by excellence to try new restaurants and food. Plus I bookmark places I want to try.  I started a while ago writing reviews to make my friends benefit from my experience.
  5. Sound Hound or Shazam: I am always up to date in the music world using these applications. Whenever I hear a song that I like, I check it and put it in my favorite list.
  6. Calendar/Notes/Keep/Asana: These applications are part of my memory. I am engaged in lots of activities and sometimes,  I forget things to do or new ideas suggested by friends. Calendar is to keep track of my schedule, Notes is to write random thoughts, Keep & Asana are for tasks.
  7. Anghami: My favorite music application in summary…  🙂
  8. 30 Days Fitness Challenge:  I wanted to boost my fitness level by adding some good habits into my daily life. You choose the challenge that you want (arms, abs, legs, …) and you have to commit between 5 to 7 minutes a day. If you can’t find 5 minutes for yourself, you should reconsider your life priorities. 🙂
  9. Duolingo: I always wanted to learn a new language and I had other priorities. Using this application, I got to learn some Italian by dedicating 5 to 20 minutes everyday. I am not saying you will become fluent. But this is for me a fun application full of benefits.
  10. Pinterest: You choose your areas of interests and you pin relevant posts. For example: ideas to decorate your home, trips that you love to do, recipes you want to try, high tech you want to buy, tattoos, plants and flowers, fitness exercises at home…
  11. Photogrid: This is very good to resize pictures and do lovely collages to share on social media. There are plenty of applications that do the same.
  12. Visited: My dream is to visit every corner in the world. So I listed all the cities and countries that I already visited and I tagged all the ones that I wish to visit.
  13. Flipagram:  Keeping only static photos can be boring. After a beautiful trip or remembering lovely moments throughout the year, it helped me gather lots of photos while adding some music in the background as a nice memory to share with friends.
  14. Meetup: You will be surprised how many people in your area have the same interests. You just need to subscribe to subjects of interest (book club, technology, outdoor activities, cross culture, foodies, sports, photography, running, etc…). You will be notified about events organized around you. This is excellent to meet new people (not randomly) and do activities you like.
  15. Goodreads: This can be the bookstore. This is where I check new books review and I bookmark the ones I want to read.

Some Lebanese applications that got trendy lately but didn’t have time to try:

  • Onlivery (Online Delivery)
  • Blink My Car (Car Services including Tyre ones)
  • Kholsit (Find the right handyman)

There are some general applications that I find very useful but I can’t name them in the list above because they are very specific:

  • Movies

I have “Movies in Lebanon” and “Lebanese Movie Guide” that are sometimes not updated unfortunately. I use frequently the cinemas applications directly like Grand Cinemas or Cinema City or Vox. The one of Grand Cinemas is the best. I faced some problems while buying tickets with the others. IMDB is always good to check some international reviews and rating.

  • Bank Apps

I  find it really easier to check my account or pay a wedding list online rather than go there and wait without mentioning the traffic and the opening hours.

  • Mobile Operator Apps

I find it useful to check quickly my bill and activate a new service.

  • Airlines

Some frequent used airlines can be very handy especially in case of business trips. I use them to do especially the online check-in.

  • News

I have some local news and few international ones like CNN, BBC, etc… One of my close friends recommended Quartz for international news. I trust her! 🙂

Hope you find it beneficial for you! I would love to know which applications you use especially if it is not on my list. Have a wonderful week and keep curling! 


  1. Interesting list! Didn’t know lot of the apps.

    Finally while thinking of the apps I use so that to share them with you, I realized that there are at least 2 categories of phone apps (sorry this is my engineering background that has to find a rational to everything ☺️):
    1-first category: what I would personnaly quality as “real full fledged” apps (did not think too much of the naming!): those that manages photos, calendars, notes, music, health, running, and other utilities.

    2- second caregory: The apps that are kind of gateways to websites. Here the list can be quite big

    In the first category I thought of trueCaller or findIPhone for those who lose there phone all day long!

    In the second category I would add 3 apps:
    -TripAdvisor: that I use for retraurants but has more features(should be similar to zomato)
    -the apps of booking and hotels: booking, hotels and airbnb.


    • Amazing tips Joe! I did not forget the travel applications! I just postponed mentioning them for another article of how to prepare efficiently your trips! trueCaller and findIPhone are indeed helpful.

      Thank you for your comment! Stay tuned for more articles! 😉


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