image 30 things to do in my 30s

We always tend to start new resolutions at the beginning of the year, month or week. How many times did you or your friends promise to start diet on Monday or sports in the beginning of next month? How much do you hear or make resolutions at the beginning of the year?

When I used to be young, I always promised to start studying in the next beginning of the hour and if I missed the first 5 minutes, i would postpone starting another hour. There should be something special relating beginnings & resolutions…

“New Year, New Me”… “Don’t make resolutions, just live in the moment with passion”… Big titles and a lot of humor between friends and then we drop them many times…

Although we might fail in these resolutions, deep down inside, they are really motivating and define our personal objectives. If we really care about them, we do our best to do them but sometimes, either we don’t care at all but couldn’t admit it or life gets us busy and we drop them because of other priorities.

I always loved to read general articles about list of resolutions and things to do and I always counted how many were achieved. The more they are, the more I feel powerful.

16 things to do in your twenties… 27 things to do before you settle down… 33 things to do before you get forty… 50 destinations to visit in your life… Why 16, 27, 33, 50? No idea!

This time, I decided to write my own list on a very random date of the month. I really enjoy such lists. When I write them, I relate to them. It won’t be my one and only list since I’ve got infinite things to do. But I listed the ones that are mostly significant in this stage of my life.

You might relate to many of them and think I am crazy in the other part. Plus you might have achieved many as well. Each one has his own list. What matters is nothing but the happy and healthy moments in our life and the one of our loved ones! Life is too short to see it pass without doing what we really love.

30 things to do for my new 30s

  1. Take good care of your body. It’s the place you have to live: Drink more water & eat healthy, slowly and do yearly check-ups
  2. Get fit: do push-ups, plank & rope jumping like a boss
  3. Be punctual and avoid last minute running
  4. Meditate
  5. Go somewhere you’ve never been before every month
  6. Read one book every 2 months.
  7. Learn to Cook
  8. Visit new countries and discover a new continent
  9. Face one of your biggest fears (Skydiving, Diving, Skiing…)
  10. Travel Alone
  11. Watch your favorite international concerts & plays (Coldplay, Swan Lake Ballet in Russia, Phantom of the opera in Broadway, Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas…)
  12. Hike once in a while and enjoy nature
  13. Start Biking and rent a bicycle the next trip
  14. Volunteer for a good cause (Mission in Ethiopia or Far East or even in your own country)
  15. Do the Headstand
  16. Join a public speaking group
  17. Learn a new hobby by your own
  18. Learn a new language
  19. Join a dance group class (Tango, Salsa, …)
  20. Live alone
  21. Personalize your own appartment
  22. Live elsewhere (Other City, Country, …)
  23. Apply for your dream job
  24. Know more your favorite things (favorite dish, drink, sport, bar, restaurant, anything…)
  25. Do a long cross countries roadtrip with your best people
  26. Drive manual and get your driving license ready for the next trip to live it to the most.
  27. Hang out full weekends at home watching series
  28. Save money for the tough days
  29. keep a journal and display photos in a digital frame
  30. Find a new passion and start your own thing

Cheers to happy and healthy days and keep curling! Have a wonderful week!

P.S.: Why 30 and not 16, 27, 33 or 50? because 30 is my new lucky number! 😉


  1. This is a list that applies to a lifetime and not only a decade!!
    I like the enthusiasm and I know people who never get past the first 5 in their whole time on earth.
    Just put at the beginning and end of each list : enjoy and don’t be hard on yourself.
    I basically like a lot on your list but my favourite is number 24 bec it is important and reminds me of your first blog and Julia Roberts !!
    Keep them coming


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