6 lessons to learn to make choices

I always used to be this girl that rarely expressed herself and avoided discussions with different opinions in order to escape confrontations…

Then I reached a stage where I don’t take lots of decisions and I struggle even in the smallest ones…

This reminds me of a film that I used to love when I was a kid which is Runaway Bride. Julia Roberts didn’t know how she liked to eat eggs because she always ate them the way her new boyfriend likes it… I asked myself the same question and I had no idea what was the answer.  Scrambled, Poached, Omelette, Boiled, Sunny?

When doing shopping, someone had to be there to choose which dress to pick else I had to pick them both… #GoodExcuse… LOL Although deep inside, we always know which one we prefer…

When choosing my major, i didn’t think much… I was very good in math and I always believed that computer engineering is a fair accurate major that doesn’t need philosophy… 1+1=2… But when you are a kid, decisions are more natural… 🙂

While growing up, you start reconsidering choices and decisions… you ask yourself if you are happy… You start losing loved ones and the quote “Life  is too short” becomes more and more real…

Why do we postpone choosing what makes us happy? Why do we have to think much even in the smallest decisions? why are we in doubt?

I struggled a lot asking myself why I cannot choose anything without having a doubt. I worked a lot on my self-development and I did some observations and discussions with dear friends. I reached a conclusion that I will summarize in beautiful quotes:

  1. A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. – Albert Einstein
    • Being afraid of doing mistakes can stop us from making choices. Even if we choose the wrong option, we should stay aware and remember our preference for the next time. Experience is very important to know better ourselves.
  2. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye. – The Little Prince
    • The conflict between the heart and the mind… I had trouble understanding this but trust me this was the main thing that helped me take more decisions. Thinking too much made me always hesitant.
  3. It is never too late to be what you might have been. George Eliot
    • Few years back, growing old was a bit stressful but then I met beautiful people much older than me in age but much younger than me in body and spirit. Take care of your body and positive energy and you can do whatever you want. Choices are always possible at any age.
  4. Practice makes progress
    • Whenever you have to choose, stay aware, follow your heart and take the decision of always choosing no matter what. Pizza or Pasta? Blue or Green? Cinema or Theater? Going out or staying home? Project A or Project B? Beirut or Paris? Tango or Salsa? Mr X or Mr Y? Buying a car or buying a house?
  5. Comparison is the thief of joy
    • You can take the opinion of close people but you better make the choice alone and not compare with anyone because it will make you in doubt again.
  6. If it was up to me, I’d choose the hard path with the easy ending, not the easy path with the hard end. – Kim Harrison
    • Train your mind to choose the hard path will make choices easier. This can be a good exercise for big decisions especially. It is not easy to do but practice makes it easier. For example, while being in a group, talk to the person that you are least comfortable with… It was part of an exercise I did in a camp a couple of years back and that helped me a lot.

This said, here I am writing my first blog post and exposing myself to the people… it took me around four years to decide to start it and some friends were encouraging me but still it was a choice that I had to make…

But then I remembered choices and decisions and how much I am more in peace with them…

Finally I decided to start this journey! It will be a diary about anything that makes me happy or I want to express myself about…

Hope you will enjoy the journey with me and my Infinite Curl!

Curling in progress…

P.S.: if you are wondering if I got the answer of how I like to eat eggs the most… well omelette with mushroom is my favorite and yes I am shopping most of the times alone! 🙂


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